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CTY Mining Electric Locomotive




Product introduction

CTY mining electric locomotive is a traction device for rail transport vehicles, drive the wheels by traction motor and by the friction between the wheel and rail. Safety and special explosion-proof version,provide with a variety of models and voltage gradients.

Technical Features

  • CTY mining electric locomotive
  • CTY Mining Electric Locomotive has the features of energy saving,application of modern chopped wave or frequency ,conversion technology,two-stage speed change,rubber shock absorber,reliable operation,it is the ideal energy saving substitute for resistance speed regulation electric locomotive.

  • CTY Mining Electric Locomotive has double end cabs can be developed at customer's request,featuring application of chopped wave speed. Structure of CTY mining electric locomotive is simple,?defective?rate is very low,?easy?to?maintenance.

  • CTY mining electric locomotive

Technical Parameters

Model CTY8/6,7,9G(B)
Adhesive?Weight(t) 8
Track?Gauge(mm) 600,762,900
Traction(kN) 11.18 12.83
?Max.?Traction(kN) 19.62
Speed(km/h) 6.2 7.8
Power?Supply Device Voltage(V) 110,132 140,144
Capacity(An) 440
Power(kW) 11×2 15×2
Size Length(mm) 4470,4490
Width(mm) 1062,1190,1212,1350
Height(mm) 1600
Wheelbase(mm) 1100 1150
Wheel?Diameter(mm) Φ680 ?Φ600,Φ680
Min.?Turning?Radius(m) 7
?Controller Resistance,IGBT?or?Frequency?conversion
Brake Mechanical

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