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Congratulations to China Coal Group for Being The High-tech Enterprise of Jining in 2019

Date: 03/02/2020   View: 172   Tags: China Coal Group High-tech Enterprise
After rigorous review by the competent authority's recommendation, form review, and expert review, recently, Jining Science and Technology Bureau identified the 2019 Jining High-tech Enterprise List. China Coal Group relies on technology and intelligent products in high-tech and innovative aspects. Outstanding advantages were successfully selected, and was named as Jining High-tech Enterprise of 2019.

As a national manufacturing and innovation platform demonstration enterprise, an excellent enterprise in the Chinese machinery industry, a national "specialized and special new" enterprise, the first batch of enterprises in Shandong Province for technological innovation project planning, an enterprise in Shandong Province for outstanding contributions, a science and technology enterprise in Shandong province, The demonstration enterprise of the integration of the two industries in Shandong Province and the "one enterprise, one technology" innovation enterprise in Shandong Province. China Coal Group vigorously implements the intellectual property strategy. Through the combination of industry, university and research, independent innovation, it implements the strategy of strengthening the enterprise by science and technology, and promoting the enterprise by talents. Investment in scientific research and technological innovation speed up the achievement of the transformation of new products and technologies. China Coal Group's research and development capabilities and technological innovation levels have been continuously improved. At present, our group has more than 100 national computer software copyrights, 130 national utility model patents, more than 100 national mining product safety certifications, and provincial and municipal technical supervision bureaus. The company has more than 160 product inspection qualification reports, and has comprehensive strength in intelligent product production, research and development, and manufacturing, which has greatly enhanced the core competitiveness of China Coal Products.

Congratulations to China Coal Group for Being The High-tech Enterprise of Jining in 2019
As a large-scale technology-based manufacturing enterprise, China Coal Group also actively responds to China ’s 2025 national strategic plan, vigorously promotes the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, improves the level of integration of manufacturing and the Internet, and actively promotes industrial transformation and upgrading. It has introduced advanced foreign robotics technology and successively developed Industrial intelligent robots, smart home robots, fire-fighting robots, crawler detonation robots, agricultural plant protection drones and many other industrial intelligent products have made positive contributions to the rapid development of the intelligent equipment industry! In order to make better use of advanced technologies such as 5G communications, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, and the Internet of Things to promote the development of manufacturing, the Group also invested in the China Coal Industry Intelligent Research Institute, which relies on China Coal Group's advanced intelligent manufacturing experience to create a Supporting high-quality research and development teams, in conjunction with well-known universities and research institutions across the country, to build the research institute into a dual platform for technology and industry incubation, which has played a role in overcoming intelligent manufacturing problems, transforming intelligent scientific research results, outputting leading models, and incubating innovative enterprises. Important role of demonstration!

This time, our group was again named as Jining High-tech Enterprise of 2019, which is a high recognition of China Coal Group's scientific and technological innovation capabilities, marking our group's core independent intellectual property rights, enterprise scientific and technological personnel and research and development personnel, high-tech products, etc. Many aspects have been fully recognized. At the same time, it has played a positive role in promoting the Group's next step in technological innovation capabilities, high-end technology development capabilities, and the expansion of domestic and foreign markets. In the next step, our group will continue to increase investment in scientific and technological research and development, improve research and development facilities, strengthen industry-university-research cooperation, further increase the group's innovation ability and the success rate of scientific and technological achievements, and contribute more to the development of scientific and technological innovation in the city and the province!


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