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A Disclaimer About Some Criminals Committing An Act of Cheating in the Name of Our Company

Date: 11/10/2013   View: 6924   Tags: BENEFICIARY’S A/C BANK:

Recently, Shandong China Coal Industrial&Mining Supplies Group received feedback from foreign customers that some criminals committed an act of cheating in the name of Shandong China Coal Industrial&Mining Supplies Group., Ltd or China Coal Group Import & Export Branch through the Internet. They sent P / I (Proforma Invoice ) or SPA (Sales&Purchases Agreement) to foreign customers and required payment to a personal account. About any individuals or organizations that did illegal acts in the name of Shandong China Coal Group, we express our firm opposition and strong condemnation to that. Hoping everyone be alert and avoid being defrauded, we published the following statement:

1. Official Bank Accounts of Shandong China Coal Industrial&Mining Supplies Group., Ltd:

T/T Bank information:





ACCOUNT NO.: 231210650699



POSTCODE: 272000



Western Union Information:    

First Name: Peigong     Last Name: Fan 

Add: No.11, North of Kaiyuan Road, High-tech Zone, Jining City,Shandong Province, China


Paypal Account:

[email protected] 


2. Our Website:  http://www.vkvrth.icu 

3. Please look for our enterprise-mail, that is ***@chinacoalintl.com.

ALL our sales would contact customers via enterprise-mail, and the other emails that not use our company mail suffix are not legitimate.

4. The contact info. of International Trading Company:

E-mail: [email protected]

Fixed Telephone86-537-2350961

Mobile Phone: 86-18660761375

If you were asked to paid to other accounts, please stop operation immediately and call Shandong China Coal International Trading Company or write an email to [email protected]. If it is necessary, you can report to the relevant law enforcement agencies to safeguard your own legal rights. And if you racked up huge losses due to misjudgment, please report in time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the e-mail or phone that referred before. Thanks for your care and support to Shandong China Coal Group.

Hereby declare!


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